Juma Vitali’s Teachings are meant to be teached to those professionists who are in search of their responsibilities to find the power to create a more satisfying life and adhering to their wishes: therapists, psychotherapists, curanderos, medium, doulas, healers, channelers etc..

The literature at the base of the trainings School of Counseling Co-Being refers to figures like Alexander Lowen, John and Eva Pierrakos, W. Reich.

Juma’s Teaching is enriched by the Brazilian rituals linked to the respect for nature and the recognition of the evolutionary steps that are inevitably encountered in life.

Juma Vitali Holistic Counselor and Trainer Unicounseling and Fedpro can give ECP, Profession under Law 4/2013.

“For those who are ready to embark on a journey in search of its essence to live life with more Joy Love Vitality Friendship Integrity and Freedom !!”


Some Testimonials:

” I learnt very useful exercises to enrich my sessions with patients thank you Juma ” Serena T.

” Great to learn how to lead groups and how to read the energy of my clients, I’ ve learn also to treat the aura field even if I’ve never see the aura now I can feel it ” Giorgia D.

” I like the way in which she teach naturally very very difficult subject, I think her simplicity is due to the fact she can see aura since she was 8..I mean..its totally different to receive new concepts from a person who was named also Shaman..not common at all;-) ” Debby L.

” After an Aura reading with Juma I understood how my energy moves and I have found a better dialogue with my son …” Giuliana C.

“Thanks I did not realize even aware of many things … I passed my victimhood and he fear of losing control! E ‘was great now all that energy we use it to do the’ love!” Jenny T.

“It ‘was hard to understand that it was my responsibility unhappiness of my family. I had the courage to cross my addiction, and now I look at my husband’s eyes, not those of my mother in her. Thanks!” Giovanna IS.

“Thanks Juma me has changed my life. Through the difficulties are reborn, my work finally is going very well.” Carla G.

“If I had met before LifeWings method surely I would have avoided two divorces and I would choose more consciously!” Francis F.

“I’ve always been jealous because I was convinced that it is not enough. Now I’m a man, a father, and I can say that within my power.”
Marco P.

“From Juma is still shocked by his ability to read you inside … but also because of its delicacy, the sweetness with which expresses visceral things you have inside your belly … but until then not explaining it to you … … and opens a world … changes your life and then you find yourself in the world but not of the world as a large maestro..facile said to say … a miracle to come … thanks to life has brought me to this path … “Silvia G.

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